Meet the team

Amber – co-owner 

Amber has been practicing yoga since her early 20’s, but after falling off the mat several times has finally found her space. She completed her teacher training, and has never looked back! Amber is also a Primary teacher and holds a graduate certificate in Physical Education, Special Needs and Religious Education.

After initially practicing predominantly Power yoga for years, Amber is now developing some balance in her practice and enjoys more relaxing forms of yoga such as Slow Flow, Yin and Restorative. In fact her best yoga memory was taking her first Long Slow Deep master class with Bryan Kest – that’s a 4 hour class! A big challenge but totally worth it for Amber.

Amber’s favourite aspect of yoga is sharing a connected space with like-minded people, and engaging in a holistic approach to supporting the mind, body and spirit; in a mindful way.

Amy – teacher

Amy (previous owner) has been practicing yoga even before she know what it was. At a young age as a way to relax she used to swing her legs in the air and kind of hold herself up with her hands. She didn’t know it at the time but she was doing a shoulder stand which is a beautiful way to calm your body down! Like Amber, Amy has fallen off the mat several times before really finding her space. After completing her teacher training Amy has gone on to specialise in pregnancy and post-natal yoga.  Currently pregnant with her third child Amy is having to utilise some of her skills to cope with the current pregnancy and is currently on a break from teaching but looks forward to getting back on the mat soon.


Bev – teacher

Bev started her fitness career back in 1994 in her home Island, the beautiful Isle of Man, but finding yoga experiences limiting in that part of the world it wasn’t until 2007 when she moved to America that she started to study Bikram yoga. In 2011 Bev and her husband relocated to picturesque Perth where she opened up her own yoga studio. Since then Bev has travelled in India to study Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga with Paul Grilley , and then to Bali to study children’s yoga, racking up a very impressive 1,050 hours of training.  Bev has since sold her Perth studio but remains a director, mentoring the new owner. Bev’s favourite style of yoga is Yin, in fact she is so good at it she has been accepted to further her Yin studies working into the Meridian systems of the body.

Vitality Yoga is very fortunate to have Bev with us teaching Power and Yin yoga. Just don’t let her teach you Crow Posture. She once face planted whilst teaching it, not taking heed of her own teaching – “you go where you are looking…so head up and look ahead.”

Kate – teacher

Kate  is a lover of nature and life. Kate has a very deep passion for inspiring individuals to find their own personal authentic truth, wisdom and uniqueness through her Yoga and a range of techniques that are subtle positive sustaining and life changing.

Kate brings to her clients a wealth of experience education and knowledge which she has gained from her own interests and also challenges in life.  These include a University Degree , Certification in Business Management, Masters in NLP Coaching & Eriksonian Hypnotherapy, Level 4 Mastery in Serenity Vibration Healing and Enlightenment Technique Facilitator and Level 1 &2 Teachers   Animal and Plant communication Teacher, Raindrop Technique and Vitaflex Practitioner, Foot Reflexology , Psychosomatic Therapy and her own personal healing journey – Yoga teacher 500+ hours – Diploma of DRU Yoga training. Her unique energetic healing approach and interesting style of  ‘healing through movement’ is exceptional.

Kate weaves her  many skills, experiences and education she has gained over the years into her consultations and classes.  Kate brings mindfulness, fun and authenticity with a holistic approach to her teaching . Kate has a strong intuitive base upon which works.  Fascination of the subtle changes of the energy bodies and emotions and vibrations from undertaking Yoga practises are of great interest to her.  Kates practices can occur at a very deep and subtle level that is both sustainable and life changing.

Kylie – teacher

Kylie’s first memory of yoga was as an energetic pre-schooler in the 70’s, dancing around her lounge room watching Swami Sarasvati teach yoga on morning TV while her mum practiced with her. Her mum tells the story that Kylie tried out a few asanas back then, but Kylie did not ‘find’ yoga for herself until the next century!

Although Kylie had practiced yoga for ten years it wasn’t until a period of intense anxiety & depression that she understood what a positive force for change yoga truly can be. And that was when her desire to help others through yoga began.

Kylie is known as Mum to a radiant & cheeky pre-schooler, and has decided that yoga for kids will be part of both her journey and offering, along with alignment based slow flow & strength building vinyasa.

Kylie teaches yoga to help people connect their compassion & courage, to shine brightly.  Currently wanting to spend more time with her family Kylie remains on board in a relief capacity and is available as a cover teacher from time to time.

Rick – co-owner

Rick is married to Joanne and has three young children that keep him busy  and active as a husband and father.   Whilst being relatively new to the world of Yoga, despite having used a tree pose on more than one occasion, Rick looks forward to the journey ahead as he is introduced to the many sequences and poses offered by the Yoga experience.  He hopes that in the coming months he will settle into the Vitality community and the relaxed lifestyle offered by the Sandgate area more broadly.